Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I don't do kids...Oh, wait....yeah

On May 3rd, we asked a group of kindergartners – “Did you see the river last week?  What was it like?” Out of a flooding of answers (pun intended), we heard “It’s so brown!  And super high!  And moving so fast!  It’s like at blood levels…BLOOD levels!!!” He probably meant flood levels, at least that’s what I hope he meant.
The next day, we asked a group of high school students at a Flagship outing the same question.  Silence.  Then there was one raised hand followed by, “It was like, yeah.”  She meant the same thing as the 5-year olds, but it was SO huge she was at a loss for words.

After a three year absence, I’m back with WEN for the month of May as a field assistant.When I started here as a volunteer in 2006, my motto was “I don’t do kids.”  Since I’ve been back it’s all I’ve done, and happily so.  They never fail to surprise me and they really do say the funniest things.  Like this little gem (on preventing pollution): “What if we placed security guards at places people pollute?  And when the guards are off duty, we should have sensors in the ground that will call 9-1-1 as soon as pollution is detected.” I like your thinking, kid.  So, how does it feel being back on the WEN team?  It’s like, yeah…

It's moments like these that make me smile every day!

See you at the river!

Heidi Sedivy
WEN Field Assistant