Monday, January 31, 2011

Water Poems

These poems were written during the Words with Wings with Missoula Writing Collaborative.  These poems show how much students can understand about their local watershed!

Rushing Dwarf

In the middle I rush
twisting and turning, huge rapids tickle
rock after rock after rock. I
come from the mountains making crests
as I go, white water foam pooling up,
on the sides I break tiny waves calm
here you might dip your feet in the shallow
waters, while my rapids roam one way
shallow waves roam the other we're
connected, I am the river

-Camryn Cooper


Swimming down the stream is like
walking on a balance beam

Going at the wrong angle can get you
into the wrong river and you will miss

You swim through the cold,
mucky, river finding your way home,
moving your tailbone
like mad working upstream to get to
a safe spot to sleep.

But you see an osprey so you hide
under the rocky floor of the river
and wait and wait until the osprey is gone.

You continue up stream until you see
a nice looking fly, but it looks like a hook
is attached, so you continue and finally find
a cave in which to sleep.

-Cody Carlson